Tuesday 16 December 2014

Managing contracts it’s an important aspect in companies.

Even if there are services contracts, selling/buying ones etc. it’s important to have lists with signature deadlines, renewals dates, budgets etc.

Those contracts are part of your yearly budget as liabilities or income.

For better management for documents there is a cloud based software called Simple CRM.

What can Simple CRM do for contract management

Simple CRM allows to:
- Link contract to concerned company ( supplier or client)
- Link contract to concerned contact person
- Specify contract type
- Specify signature deadline
- Specify renewal date
- Define priority
- Specify budget
- Balance income and expenses for this contract in order to study its financial balance etc.

How to insert documents in Simple CRM?

- By email
- Directly by Simple CRM (10 Giga once)
- By network scanner (compatible with all network scanner)

What to install? 

Nothing at all.

Simple CRM it’s compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac mobile phones or PC tablets or any other device linked to Internet.

For more information about Simple CRM go to http://simple-crm-online.com